Jordanian Pass

Buy your Jordan Pass online and start your unforgettable journey!

The Jordan Pass is a single-entry permit enabling you to stay in Jordan for up to 30 days. Because it is a sightseeing package, it also includes access to approximately 40 tourist attractions and brochures that you may download. As the holder, you can thus visit Petra and other sights.

When it comes to the validity period, the Jordan Pass online can be used within 12 months from the date of issue. It is a very straightforward option, as there is no need to visit the embassy or consulate. Mainly, the process can be done online and completed upon arrival.

Also, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months in order to apply for a Jordan visa. Besides, you must complete the form, cover the fee, and wait for confirmation. You can do it online within a few minutes. Just prepare an electronic device with an internet connection and start the process.

It is advisable to print out the visa and the Pass (the documents will be sent via email address). You need to show them to the proper authorities upon arrival in Jordan. The whole process is very simple and intuitive, so you don't need to worry.

jordan pass visa requirements

Requirements for the Jordan Pass

All Jordan visa requirements must be met in order to visit the country. Conditions are not numerous, as you need to prepare only the passport, an active email, and means of payment.

Besides, you should stay in Jordan for at least 3 nights or more than 4 days in order to be able to apply for a Jordan Pass and a Jordan tourist visa.

Remember that you need to check all the information before the trip and applying for a Jordan visa. Go to the governmental website to be updated, as all the requirements may change anytime.

Required documents

To receive a Jordan Pass, you must complete the application process and bring the following documents:

  • a passport that will not expire in the following six months
  • a contact email address
  • a valid means of payment.

You must visit the embassy or immigration office upon arrival to complete the process. Also, check out the information on the governmental site, as conditions are subject to change.

Documents required on arrival

Remember to prepare the following documents on arrival, as they will be checked by the authorities:

  • a passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • a copy of the printed visa and Jordan Pass

Other requirements

You may be asked to prepare additional documents, depending on the individual case and other factors. Keep that in mind, and remember to check all the conditions to enter Jordan.